September 21, 2021 11:55 am

Clever Phone Numbers

There are often times when, for personal or business reasons, you do not want to disclose your phone number and there are many ways to get around this little problem. This article looks at the options and aims to advise you on the best course of action for your individual circumstance.

Dependent on the type of work you do it may be simplest for you to quite simply have two phones, mobile phones anyway. The idea being that this way you can turn the ‘work’ phone off in the evenings or through the weekend and not be hassled by calls during time when you are supposed to be free. However, this is not always conducive to your work format or perhaps it simply makes more financial sense to have the same phone but you still want to avoid the influx of enquiries when you are clocked out of the office, regardless of how    Clever literal or otherwise this state may be.

One option is to get a ‘clever number’. This is a number that you can distribute to customers, clients, employees, whoever you like with the comfort of knowing that the number will divert to your private number only when you are happy for them to be diverted. There is also the very useful additional of ‘clever voicemail’ which is a different mailbox to your personal phone number but is accessible via your personal mobile; just like the phone number. These functions allow you to truly escape the office whenever you want but without needing to carry two phones around with you which can be impractical.

This option is also available to private customers who choose not to hand their phone number out. Perhaps because you have decided to join the world of dating websites but want to protect yourself, then a temporary clever number is for you. The phone numbers are all transferred through to your personal phone instantly and you can add the functions of specific times and people being able to get hold of you – so if you do not wish to receive phone calls after certain times then you can set the number to go straight to voicemail at those times.

This is a very useful little function and one that is not widely known about but it could take off in the not too distant future as the world becomes ever more reliant on mobile communication at the same time as demanding that they remain anonymous.


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